Al Ain to Oman Border Runs

Location: Mezyad Border,
south of Al Ain, UAE

Cost of Border Run:
AED35/person for UAE** +

AED50/person for Oman*

  1. *New Zealand, S. Korea and Brunei are FREE

   on the Oman side

  1. ** Canadians CANNOT do Border Runs
       without Pink Visa Permit paper

= AED85/person

Service Fee:

This includes the AED35 cost for the driver to

leave/enter the UAE

Car capacity: Driver plus 5 - 7  depending on age/size

Contact me to schedule a

Border Run!

+971 50 713-5536

or from the UAE:

(050) 713-5536

About Me -
I am a teacher spouse who has lived in Al Ain since August of 2011 with two children including a newborn.

What is a Border Run?
A Border Run is the same thing as a 
‘Visa Run’ or an ‘Enter/Exit’. When a 'tourist' arrives in the UAE they are given 30 days before they need to leave the country with a 10 day grace period after that. 

ALERT: If you had your Visa extended at a gov’t building, you DO NOT get a 10 day grace period. Gov’t sticker extensions are allowed an absolute 30 days.

You can't just 'hang out' in the UAE unless you are employed or sponsored by your employer or another person. Many of the spouses of Licensed Teachers and their children fall into this category. If you go to ANY other country and then enter back into the UAE your 30 day time limit is reset. By doing a border run to the UAE's neighbor, Oman, you are in essence leaving the UAE, entering the Sultanate of Oman, then leaving Oman and reentering the UAE, extending your tourist visa by another 30 days until the ‘employed’ get their passports back and can sponsor their spouses and children to be residents in the UAE.

Services -
I will pick your family up in my vehicle, which holds between 5-7 people (depending on size/age) plus myself and chauffeur you from Al Ain to the Mezyad Border about a half hour South of Al Ain, guide you across the border and back and return you back to Al Ain.  Great conversation along the way too!

Each trip puts around 100km (62 miles) on my family’s personal vehicle, depending on pickup location in Al Ain. My AED215 service fee pays for:
• My UAE exit/re-entry fee of AED35
My time of 3 hours
Vehicle fuel
Vehicle maintenance
Vehicle cleaning (interior cleaning needed due to children and their snacks)

Border Money -
There are 3 stops made at the border.
UAE Exit  - requires dirhams 
Oman Entry/Exit - prefers CREDIT CARD as they use Omani Rials as currency and don't have change in 
UAE dirhams.
UAE Entrance - no money paid here.

If you don't have a credit or debit card available yet, you can pay me the cash and I can use my debit card... Another added benefit of hiring me as a guide!

Are you 40 days PAST your last stamp date?
If so, you will pay an AED100 fee + AED100/person/day over 40 days.
This is all IN ADDITION to the normal border run fees listed above.
For example: One (1) child on day 44, will have to pay: AED500 late fine before crossing the border.

Please also note that that 40 days INCLUDES the day you arrived in the UAE as day 1.

If you already have your residency sticker, it only costs AED35 to leave/enter the UAE for a border run at the Mezyad border. A UAE resident won’t need to pay the Oman AED50 fee on the border run if they don’t actually travel beyond the Oman Immigration building.

Time -
The actual time needed is around 3 hours (including travel time), probably less, depending on how busy the border is.
My preferred time to go is after dinner at 7:15pm as the border is not busy and it's not too, too late for young children. 

Please notify me as early as possible so that I can schedule accordingly.


Costs -

Border Run                 + Fee   =    TOTAL

1 persons    =      85 dhs. + 215    =    300 dhs.   

2 persons    =    170 dhs. + 215    =    385 dhs.

3 persons    =    255 dhs. + 215    =    470 dhs.

4 persons    =    340 dhs. + 215    =    555 dhs.

5 persons    =    425 dhs. + 215    =    640 dhs.

6 persons    =    510 dhs. + 215    =    725 dhs.

Doing a border run
is a smarter, cheaper  alternative to going to a  gov't. bldg. and paying  almost 6x more
PER PERSON to extend  your Tourist Visa by  another 30 days.

Did you know

that Taxis are

NOT allowed to cross

the border into Oman

because of insurance and

registration issues?

Do you need an Omani Border Run? And soon?

Hire me to take you.

Email Me

Time it Takes: 2-3 hours
including travel time

  1. Passports

  2. UAE Dirham Cash

    If needed, for sponsorship purposes:

  1. Pink Visa Permit

Of note:

Jeff Grigsby, the former border run driver is no longer living in Al Ain, so he is unable to continue the service.